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Quick Poll participation types explained
Quick Poll participation types explained

Learn how to choose the appropriate participation type for your Quick poll widget

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There are three participation types in Quick poll;

  • Registered participants

  • Anonymous

  • Unverified participation

Registered participants

By selecting this option you will ensure that all respondents have registered and activated their accounts before participating. Unlike anonymous and unverified participation, this allows for only one submission per user. This participation type gives you the most reliable data and also has the added bonus of helping you grow your database.


This participation type allows all visitors to your quick poll to take part without registration. There is a greater risk of having skewed data with the anonymous participation type.

Unverified participation

Using this participation type is essentially the same as the previous option, except this time the system will prompt the user to enter a screen name and email. They will also be required to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy for EngagementHQ.

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