Widgets allow you to present information about your online consultation as small snippets on the side of your project page for easy viewing. They are designed to help your community better understand your projects by providing options to put pictures and videos, provide a link for easy sign up, highlight important links and dates, showcase related projects, answer frequently asked questions etc.
You can integrate any number of these into your projects and there are 14 widgets for you to choose from:

Note - There is also one tool in EHQ which can be used as a widget. You can read more about that in the article on Quick Poll as a widget.

The following steps describe how to Add a New Widget on your EHQ page:

1. Select the Projects link from the top menu of EHQ and click on your specific project from the drop-down menu. 

2. The Manage page is displayed. Click on the Widgets link. 

3. A list of active and available widgets are displayed that can be added to your page. Select the widget you want from the Available widgets list on the right. It will be added to the Active Widgets List. For example the facebook widget is added successfully.

4. The widget is now present in the Active Widgets list.

5. You can Edit, Hide or Delete the widget using the options provided.

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