You can manage your project documents (add, edit and delete) in the Library of the Information section of your EHQ project. 

To customize the display of the files which are visible on your EHQ page, the Document Library widget should be added to your page and configured. You can also copy documents from other projects and add additional documents via the widget.

1. Select the Projects link from the top menu of EHQ and click on your specific project from the drop-down menu. 

2. The Manage page is displayed. Click on the Widgets link. 

A list of active and available widgets are displayed that can be added to your page.

3. Click the Document Library widget. It is now shown in the Active Widgets list. Click Save

Note - If you have added any documents in your Library they will be visible. To understand how to add and organise your documents, follow the instructions in the article on Organise your documents in the Library

You have now successfully added the Document Library in widgets.
You are now shown options to Edit, Copy, Delete or Hide the Document Library widget.

4. Click on the pen symbol to Edit. You can customize the documents that need to be displayed.

5. By default the Show topmost documents is selected. Unselect the checkbox to choose which files you would like to display.

6. Use the checkboxes to select the files that you would like to be displayed on your EHQ page. Once complete click Save.
7. More documents can also be added by clicking on the Add Documents button in the widget. 

8. The Add documents pop-up is displayed. 

Click Choose File and provide a Name for the file, to select and upload a document.

9. For external documents, choose the Link to external document tab and provide the link to the webpage where the document is stored.

10. Enter the name in the Name box. Select the Document Type from the drop-down menu. Click Add to complete uploading the document.

11. You can also use the Copy Documents button to copy a document which is already present in another project in EHQ.

This functionality is similar to using the copy icon on the widget.

12. The Copy Documents pop up screen is displayed.

Select the project from where you would like to copy the documents. Then all the documents in that project are displayed.

You can either choose to Select All, to copy all the documents, or use the check boxes to select only the required documents. When done click Copy.

Note: All the documents added or copied are listed under the default folder in the library.

You can always click the preview button to see what your document widget would look like in the front end. An example is shown below.

13. At any time during your consultation, you can choose to hide the display of this widget from you participants using the Hide button.

This will cause the widget to be hidden from participant view.

14. To permanently delete the widget click on the Delete button. Note that this will cause the widget to be removed from display but will not delete your documents from the library.

What's next? You can use this widget more than once in your project, read our article on Adding multiple Document Library widgets to showcase different documents.

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