We recommend the use of rich media content as much as you can to create an engaging space (without overcrowding the site, obviously!).

Slideshare is one of the helpful tools we highly recommend. Slideshare presentations can be embedded in EHQ as a Custom Widget, or in any feedback tool (forums, surveys, introductions, news, guestbook introductions, Q&A tools and stories).

Here is a guide on how to embed Slideshare into your site.

Step 1: Go to slideshare.net and choose the slideshow you would like to embed.

Step 2: Open the slideshow and click on Share on the left-hand side below the title of the video, as shown in the example below:

Step 3: Click on Embed box. 

Step 4: Copy the code from the embed frame and paste it into a word document.

Step 5: Go to your project on EHQ.

Step 6a:
If you want to embed the slideshow into a custom widget, click on 'edit' in the widget and paste the above code into the HTML source. Then click save.

Step 6b: If you would like to put the slideshow into a feedback tool, you will need to click on 'HTML' in the editing toolbar, for example in the page introduction. This will open the HTML source. You can now paste the code from Slideshare into this code directly.

Final step: Preview and test if everything looks as you wish.

Hot Tip: For a bit of advanced customisation: You can change the size of the slideshare widget to the exact size you need (in terms of pixels). In the piece of code you copied from slideshare, you will find width and  height depictions just below the Embed box as shown below. 

You can simply change those two numbers and customise the widget to the size you would like it to be before copying the code from the box. It is important however, to only change the numbers, nothing else. Otherwise the code may get corrupted and you would need to start again.

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