Lately, we have received a few questions about the three different participation types in Quick Polls and Survey & Forms. Just the clue for us to put this short article together to clarify how they differ. If you have not seen it, the three different participation types are:

  • Anyone
  • Unverified (anyone with an email & screen name)
  • Registered participants only

Let's explore what the differences between the three are.

NOTE: We get asked regularly if IP addresses are recorded and if submissions can be limited to one per IP. The answer is NO. IPs are NOT recorded for reporting purposes and due to their dynamic nature are not a reliable variable to limit responses. We instead use Cookies to track user activity.


The 'Anyone' participation type will allow anybody to take the survey. Participants do NOT have to register or log in when taking the survey or submitting their vote on a quick poll. If you are looking at running an anonymous survey, you should choose this type. If a participant is registered and logged in while taking the survey, the analytics will outline this.

If you use the 'Email' question type in this participation mode, you can still collect email addresses and also send notification emails.

By default, this participation type allows people to make as many submissions in the survey as they choose. This cannot be limited.

In the Quick Poll tool, the participant is restricted to one submission only as long as they continue to use the same machine and browser.

This is because we track the submission by the cookie in the browser. If you want to use the Quick Poll tool in the field on a tablet, we recommend you load the Quick Poll in an incognito window and refresh the browser after each submission.

Unverified (anyone with an email & screen name)

When you choose this participation type, two fields will be added automatically at the end of the survey or quick poll. One is an email field, the other a screen name field. In essence, EHQ asks the participant to choose a screen name for a temporary participant account. The participant is sent an email afterwards asking if they would like to register on the site. This email can NOT be customised.

Are you confused with all this? There's a good chance your participants will be too. This is why we strongly recommend you do NOT use this participation type. In most cases, one of the other two types will suffice. If you are unsure, please ask us. If you intend on using this type, make sure you test it yourself on a test survey.

By default, this participation type allows people to make as many submissions as they choose. This cannot be limited.

Registered participants only

The most robust participation type of the three. Participants have to register and activate their account before participating. This type also allows you to choose if participants can make one or multiple submissions.

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