Project cloning allows you to clone a project's structure in its entirety. Only a project's functions and features will be cloned, NOT the content itself. This means that if you have a forum with five topics enabled, the clone will only have the forum enabled, but no topics. This is the same for all tools. The exception is the survey tool which allows you to clone individual surveys in a separate step.

Most of your widgets will be cloned empty and you can copy the required widgets using the widget copy feature, but there are a couple of exceptions:

  • Facebook: Your Facebook widget will be cloned with its previous configurations
  • Custom: All your custom widgets will be cloned with the content copied (e.g. Twitter, Slideshare, etc.)

In order to clone one of your projects, navigate into the project and click 'clone' in the top right hand corner.

This will immediately clone your project and you will be taken to the 'Details' page of your cloned project. Note how your cloned project has -(copy) added to its name and 1 to the permalink. This means a project that had 'test' as its permalink will now show 'test1'. You can change both names and permalinks after you have cloned the project. The new names need to be unique however.

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