The Activity Page helps administrators to easily find all the activities occurring on their site so that they can react to it. For example, if a participant has raised a query in the Q&A tool, the administrator can quickly read it and respond accordingly. In this article, you will understand how to use and customize the Activity page of your site.

The following steps describe how to use Activity Page.

1. Click on the icon located in the menu bar of the EHQ tool. This menu icon represents Activity Page and the following page is displayed.

2. Click on the Project drop-down menu and select the required project for which you want to view the activity. After selecting the required project, if you click again on the drop-down menu, you can view an option called All projects. Click on it to display activities for all projects.

3. Click on Tool Type and select the required tool for which you want to view participants’ activities. Click on All Tools to view all notifications again on the site. 

4. Each activity has the following details: Tool icon to indicate the type of tool the participant has used to raise the query or post the comment, Name of the participant who has raised the query or posted the comment, Comment or query raised by the participant, Name of the project for which the comment/query is raised, A red circle on the extreme right to indicate that the notification needs the administrator’s attention.

NOTE: You can use the Search box to search for tools, projects, card content and participant names by entering the keywords.

5. Click on the project name to view the comment on the project page.

6. Click on View Question to reply to the query.

The Manage Questions page of the Q&A tool is displayed.

7. Enter the reply by clicking on Answer Privately or Answer Publicly options. You can respond to a query, comment or idea based on the tool selected by the participant. For example, if an idea is added to Brainstormer by a participant, the View Idea option is displayed.

If a comment is added to a Forum by the participant, the View forum topic option is displayed.

Click on these options to respond to notifications in the Activity Page of EHQ.

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