'Marketplace' is the space that allows you to integrate your EngagementHQ with other applications and get the best out of your EHQ. Note however, that you will be required to buy your own license for that application.

Based on the EHQ license purchased, you would be allowed to integrate your EngagementHQ with some supported applications. 

Please contact us through the 'Get in touch' button from within your EHQ's marketplace if you are interested in using any of those applications and we will take it from there. 

  • Campaign Monitor -  Campaign Monitor allows you to send beautifully designed emails to your EngagementHQ database with access to advanced reporting and filters. Read our article on Campaign Monitor integration.
  • Mailchimp - Integrate EngagementHQ with MailChimp to send beautiful emails to your community leveraging our advanced segmentation and MailChimp’s campaign reporting. Read our article on Mail Chimp integration.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) allows you and your fellow EHQ administrators/collaborators to automatically sign in when you are already signed into your internal systems. This increases user adoption and reduces administration costs by centralising identity management within your existing policy and procedures. Read our article on Single Sign-on integration.
  • Budget Allocator - Budget Allocator is a participatory budgeting software that is secure, accessible, mobile and affordable. Read more about Bang the Table's Budget Allocator.
  • Digicert - Add security to your site with a SSL certificate from Digicert. SSL certificates are used to keep sensitive information across the Internet encrypted and to provide authentication so that your participants know they are talking to you, and not someone who pretends to be you. Read our article on integrating SSL with EHQ.

If there are other third party tools that you use and would like to integrate with EHQ, get in touch with our support team to find out more. Below are some others we can help integrate with EHQ.

  • Readspeaker - A suite of web-based applications that uses text-to-speech technology to speech-enable web sites. Below are 2 examples of clients using this with EHQ -



  • Browse Aloud - An assistive technology that adds text-to-speech functionality to websites.

Please contact us if you are interested in using any of these applications and we will guide you through the integration.

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