The article on Sending emails to your database provides the steps to follow when creating a newsletter to send to your participant database. This article details the steps to follow when you wish to send an existing newsletter to your participants who were missed previously or added newly. Note that only site administrators can send Newsletters.

The following steps describe the process to email the Newsletter to your selected group.

1. Click on the Email link in the EHQ tool. 

2. The following Newsletters page is displayed. Click on Clone for the newsletter you wish to send again.

3. An exact copy of the newsletter is created in draft mode. Click on Edit, for this new draft Newsletter.

4. The Review & Send page is displayed. Here you can review your newsletter and edit the Subject and Recipients. To make changes to the body of the newsletter click the Edit Design button located at the bottom of the newsletter.

5. To send this same newsletter to more recipients, click the Edit link appearing alongside the Recipients list.

6. The Select Recipients page is displayed. Click on the Groups tab.

7. Groups save you the time and effort involved in entering the email addresses of each recipient individually. If you do not have a group created, follow the details in the article on Create and manage your participant groups to create a new group.

8. Click on the All Groups checkbox, to select all groups. Or, select only the required groups by clicking on the respective checkboxes. NOTE: In case of many groups, you can use the Search box to search for the required group. 

9. Click on the View button. 

The following page displays the screen names, email addresses and subscribed status of the recipients. Here, you can click on the checkboxes to unselect a recipient.
NOTE: In case of many recipients you can use the Search box to search for a recipient.

10. Click on (x) to close the page.
11. Next, in the Select Recipients page, click on the Review & Send button.

The Review & Send page is displayed again. Here you can choose to edit the subject of the newsletter and check the recipient list again.

11. Finally, click Send Newsletter. A message indicating that your newsletter is sent is displayed.

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