The Project List is where you will find a repository of all your projects. Think of it as the library or collection of your consultations. It is also the main place you need to visit to begin a new consultation.

From the Project list you will be able to filter through your projects via published, draft and archived status. You can also get key information about each project such as the visibility, date published as well as the aware, informed and engaged numbers.

Add new project

The Project List is also where you go to Add a new project or Clone and existing project. By selecting add, you will immediately be taken to the project management screen to setup your new project.

Clone project

If you choose to Clone a project you will be taken through a couple of steps to select the existing project that you would like to clone. Read the article on Project Cloning for the detailed steps.

Note: Cloning an existing project is great if you already have a project who's layout you'd like to copy. Cloning won't bring across all the content however, so documents or assets that are part of the project you are cloning from, wont be available in the new one created, that will have to be uploaded again if required.

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