This section of your EHQ platform includes all the site settings and "back-end" configuration. This bit may not be the most exciting, but it's definitely the most important. Many of these fields are mandatory and must be correctly included to ensure the site and its functions operate as needed.

There are 3 sections in the site settings page as detailed below:


In the General section you can set a range of fields, including:

  1. your site's name,
  2. your primary domain (IMPORTANT),
  3. the to and from emails sent as part of the site's workflow communication,
  4. an option to turn on and off the site block.


This section of your site enables you to set a range of participation sign up options. For example, you can turn off the ability for your community to sign up - this might be an option if you are only using a page to INFORM the community.

In this section, you can also set up your sign up with Twitter, Google or Facebook options.


This section enables you to set your social media sharing options, as well as include some Google Analytics tracking code (Further details outlined in the article Add traffic tracking with google analytics to your site).

It also allows you to set emails from the site to route through your own domain instead of an email. To do this, it is best to provide the details under the Email Settings to a member of your IT team. They'll know what to do with it.

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