EHQ’s Surveys & Forms tool is one of the most popular tools. It is very useful when there is a necessity to gather large amount of information quickly and efficiently from your community about a particular topic.
See article When to use a Survey or Form to understand when to use a survey or form in your consultation project. 

This article outlines how to set up a new Survey or form. The article Clone Survey details how to create a new survey by cloning from an existing survey.
The following steps describe how to set up the Survey and Forms on your EHQ page:

1. Select the Projects link from the top menu of EHQ and click on your specific project from the drop-down menu.  

This displays the Manage Page.

2. Click on the Tools option. A list of tools that can be added to your page is displayed. Select the Surveys & Forms tool and click Save.

3.You have successfully added the Surveys and Forms tool to your EHQ page.

Once the Surveys and Forms tool is added to your EHQ page, you can Rename, Manage or Remove the tool using the options provided.  
4. Click on the Manage link to display the Surveys and Forms tool page. On this page, you can create a new survey topics for your consultation.

NOTE: Administrators should not make any changes to the published surveys that have received responses. Any changes to the survey will affect the data. We recommend you also read this article on amending already published surveys.

5. Click on the Add Survey button. 

{Note: You can also create a copy of an existing survey or form, either from the same project or another project, read the detailed article on Clone surveys.}

The Create Survey page is displayed. 

6. Enter the Title of the survey.
7. Enter a message welcoming the participants in the Welcome Message box.
 In your welcome message we highly recommend that you introduce your survey and use the opportunity to sell it to your community. This field is also where you can explain why completing the survey is important, what the feedback will be used for (decision making) and how long the survey is expected to take. You should also use this field to reiterate your commitment to privacy and explain to your participants how their information will be used.
Note - In this field you can also include a video or picture using the image and embed options of the WYSIWYG editor to help introduce your survey using media.
8. Enter a message thanking the participants for taking the survey in the Acknowledgement Message box.
9. You can choose a Permalink for your survey. It is optional and we suggest to leave it empty.
10. You can also choose the participation type, the number of submissions allowed for the survey and the text to be displayed to the participant when starting the survey or form, in the section highlighted below. 

  • Select the Participation Type to be allowed for this survey. Read the article on Survey participation types explained to understand which participation type suits your survey best.
  •  Select the Submission Type to be allowed for this survey.  Note: If you select the Submission Type as Allow Single Submission, a message to the participants who have previously submitted a response, is displayed in the Display message to participants who have previously submitted.
  • Select the Text on Button. This will be the text displayed on the button, to the participant taking the survey or completing the form. By default the text displayed is "Take Survey".

11. Select the Receive survey responses via email check box, if you wish to receive survey responses as an email. 

12. Enter the email ID to where you would like to send a copy of the completed survey or form in the Email Addresses field. Note: You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas.
13. Enter the subject in the Email Subject box.
14. Enter the text in the Email Text box.
15. Click on the Send acknowledgment to the survey taker to set up an email to send to the survey taker.

16. Enter the subject in the Email Subject box.
17. Enter the text in the Email Text box.
Note: You can use placeholders here. Use [SURVEY_TITLE], [SITE_NAME] or [ANSWERS] in your email and these would get populated when the email is sent.
18. Click on Save & continue to complete creation of the survey.

See article Survey Question Types Explained to understand each of the survey questions available for use in your survey. Once Done, this Survey is saved and displayed in the Draft Tab until it is published. 

When ready to Publish, click the Publish button, for the survey.

You can view all the Survey topics in the All tab. Published topics are displayed in the Published tab. Archived topics are displayed in the Archived tab.

After adding the Survey, click Pin to highlight your survey, read the article Pin your Surveys. Click Edit to modify your survey (NOTE : Read article Impacts of changing a Published Survey, before editing any published survey). Click Preview to have a preview of the survey and test it, read the detailed article Preview and Test your Surveys. Click Share ( clickable only once Survey is published) to share the survey on social media sites or email.

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