Your project image is used in a number of places throughout EHQ to help identify your consultation. Think of it as the main visual identifier associated with your project.

The project image for each project is used in the following locations;

  • On homepage tiles
  • Used as the featured image on the all projects page 
  • As the featured image inside your project description

In order to setup your project image navigate to the details section of your project click on Manage Image.

Once you are on the project description screen simply browse for your featured project image by clicking on the Browse button. Read the instructions below the button to understand the best image size to use.

You can opt in to use a Caption and a Description which you should do for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.

Finally select your layout option. This will determine how the text wraps around your image in your project description. You can even choose to NOT display the image.
This might come in handy if you want to include an image for your Whitehaven landing page, but not have it show on the project page.

Click 'Update' when you are ready to have your changes go live.

An example of a Whitehaven templated site with project tiles is shown below.

What's Next?

Next, learn how to manage and setup your widgets in order to provide supporting information about your consultation.

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