After a budget is created and published participants can provide their opinion about the budget to the consulting organisation.
 The following steps help participants to share their views about the budget in Budget Allocator. A participant can view the following screen of the budget.

1. Click on the Share your Opinion button. The following page is displayed.

2. Select the budget options to allocate the budget. These are listed as checkboxes and radio buttons. The total budget allocated is displayed in the Budget section and the amount that you choose to spend is displayed in the Your Spend section below it.

3. Click on the comment icon next to an option, a text box that allows you to enter comments is displayed. Mention the reason for choosing this expenditure level in the comment box. NOTE - The comments box is always displayed and cannot be turned off.

4. The participant can click on 'x' to close the comment text box without saving the comment OR click on '+' to save the comment and close the comment box. After you enter and save a comment in the Comment text box, the color of the comment icon changes from grey to blue to indicate that a comment is present in the comment box.

5. Observe the message below the Your Spend section. It indicates whether you are under budget, on budget or over budget.
The following figure shows that the amount you have allocated is under budget.

The following figure indicates that the amount you have allocated is over budget. Please note that in case the spent amount exceeds the total allocated budget, you cannot submit the budget. You must re-select the options to define a new budget.

The following figure indicates that the amount you have allocated is on budget.

6. Click on the Continue button. The following page displays the budget summary.

7. Click on the Continue button again. The following page allows you to enter your name and email address.

8. Enter your name in the Name field and your email address in the Email field.
9. If you want to comment about the budget, you can do so in the Comment here text box.
10. Click on the Submit button. The following page is displayed.

A budget verification link is sent to the specified email address. Access your email account and check the email. You have to click on the provided link to confirm your budget priorities.
Budget Allocator allows participants to share the budget online on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. To do this, click on the buttons provided.

You have successfully shared your opinion about the budget as a participant.

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