To log in to Budget Allocator

 The following steps describe the process to sign in to Budget Allocator.

1. Enter the URL for Budget Allocator in the address bar of your web browser and click the Search option. The following page is displayed.
Note - If you are unsure of the URL to use contact us at

2. Click on Admin. The following Admin Login screen is displayed.

3. Enter your login and password in the provided fields and click Sign in. The following Home page is displayed.

You have successfully logged in to the Budget Allocator tool.

Managing your account

 After you have logged in to Budget Allocator, you can manage your account by changing your basic information and password. The following steps show how to manage your account.

1. Click on your name displayed on the right side of the tabs and click on the Profile option in the drop-down menu.

The following Manage Account page is displayed.

2. Enter your name and email address in the fields under Basic Info. Click Update to update your basic information.

3. In the Change Password section, enter your current password in the Current field. Enter the new password in the New field and re-enter it in the Confirm field. Click Change to replace your current password with the new one.

You have successfully changed your basic information and password.

To log out of Budget Allocator

 To log out of Budget Allocator, click on your name in the Home tab and select Log Out from the drop-down menu. 

You have successfully logged out of Budget Allocator.

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