Subscribed participants do not appear in the Participants page. Only those users who have completed the registration process or pending account activation are shown in the PRM page.

Once a user subscribes to a project, an email is sent to the user to 'Confirm their Subscription'.
Upon confirming their subscription to the project, the user will receive another email to complete the registration process.

(If a user is unable to register, she's not yet confirmed her subscription)

Activating the Subscription

If a user contacts you saying I am unable to register as the Sign-up form throws the following error  " Email already taken'', here is how you can help:

  1. On the Registration page, you can entered the subscribed participant's email address and screen name - this will trigger an 'subscription activation' email for the participant to complete the registration process.
  2. Another alternative is to 'Invite User' from the PRM page. Similar to inviting a new user to the site, you can Invite an active subscriber. This will trigger the 'registration' email. Note: The invite option will not work for subscribers who are yet to confirm their subscription.

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