With the new admin interface, we now have placed all security and privacy related content at one convenient place. These options can be found accessed by going to Site Settings > Privacy & security.

The privacy and security settings have been further divided into sections as explained below: 

Admin Controls

Enable Google Analytics - This option allows you to add Google Analytics account to track traffic to the site. Click here to view an article that has more details on the same. 

Enable Password Protect - This will add an extra layer of security before a site is launched, a user name and password is prompted when the site is accessed. 

Bang The Table Access

Give Bang The Table access to your account - This option will allow us to login to your site and troubleshoot any issues that you might be facing. By default, this option is turned ON. This means that we will be able to login to your site and look into any issues.
Note: This option is turned OFF by default on our UK sites. To allow Customer Support to trouble shoot your site, please turn this ON.
Bang The Table access will be retained for all sites in Australia, Canada and the US.

Allow user activity tracking on your site - We use Google Analytics to track user traffic on your site, this is for our internal purposes and the information will not be shared. You can enable or disable the option as required. 

Moderated - This option allows all the contributions made on the site to be moderated by our moderators.

Social Media

Enable Social Media Tracking - This option allows social media enabled features like social login, widgets, visit tracking from the social media etc to be enabled for the participants. This is done by dropping cookies into their browsers. We do not share any information to these social media sites.

Enable Social Media Sharing - Users will be able to share projects and tools on various social media options like Facebook and Twitter. 

Enable Sign Up form - Option to enable the sign up form that allows users to sign up on the site. 

Cookies Consent

This option will show a pop up to the participants that will allow them to accept the Cookies and manage the settings on the same. To view the same from a participant's perspective, click here

Participants can know more about the cookie policy by clicking on the footer link at the bottom of the page.

Another new addition to the Site Settings option is the Policies button.

On this page, administrators of the site will be able to access all the important policies on the site like Terms of Use, Privacy statement, etc. 

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