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Learn how to archive a news feed article.

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You can archive an article while it is still published and live in the News Feed section of your project. Archiving a news article means that only the comment function is disabled. However, it does NOT mean that the article is unpublished. If you want to remove the article from view, simply un-publish it altogether.

For example: When we archive a forum topic, the topic remains published and the comments are visible. However, new comments are not allowed. It works similarly with the News Feed archiving articles.

We can also archive a live news article by selecting “archive” from the dropdown. This will archive the article immediately. You can then edit the archival message in the Archival Message text box, if required.

The following steps describe how to schedule archive a news article:

1. Click on the Projects button on the left side menu and select your desired project.

2. This displays the project page. Click on Schedule option next to the respective news article. 

The schedule archival box appears. 

3. Select the respective date and time in the box and click on Save.

Note - Only published articles can be archived. To archive a new article immediately, select 'Archive' from the dropdown. Details on how to publish an article is covered in Add News Article.

4. To view if a news article is scheduled to be archived, click on the Schedule button. The date and time for the archival will appear at the top.

 5. To cancel a scheduled archiving or to re-schedule it, click on the Schedule button. Make the necessary changes to the time and date and Save or click on Delete to remove the scheduled archival option.

8. Once the news article is Archived successfully, 'Archived' is displayed.

9. To unarchive the article immediately, click on Unarchive.

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