The survey tool can make the process of redacting and republishing the mountain of submissions you receive during a statutory consultation process easier.
Create a form for collecting the submissions in the exact same way as you would create a survey form, read the detailed instructions in the article on Add and Manage Surveys and Forms.

An example form created for submissions is shown below

This displays in the front end as shown below

Once submissions are completed by the participants, you can view your submissions by downloading the survey report.  An example survey report is illustrated below. The link (highlighted in a box) should be clicked on to access the file uploaded by the participant.

When your submission period is complete you can choose to publish the content of your choosing. To display your documents we recommend the document library, read the article on organising your document library to get detailed steps on adding, editing and removing documents in your project library. Also, use the document library widget to then display the submissions of your choosing.

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