The Guestbook tool allows your participants to provide their comments about the consultation. The comments may be moderated by the administrator to manage what appears publicly. A project can have only one Guestbook. If you are unsure about when to use a Guestbook, read our article on When should I use a Guestbook?

To use the tool, you need to add it to your EHQ page. The following steps describe how to add the tool:

  1. Select the Projects link from the left hand side menu of EHQ and click on your specific project. 

2. The Manage page is displayed. Click on the Add a tool link. 

3. A list of tools are displayed that can be added to your page. Select the Guestbook tool and click Save.

4. You will be directed to the Guestbook edit page. You can add a suitable title and description.

5. You can also access the Settings tab to set the participation and moderation settings. 

6. Choose between Pre Moderated and Post Moderated options to moderate the comments.

  • Pre Moderated:  All comments are subject to moderation before being displayed on the site.
  • Post Moderated: All comments are automatically published on the site and are moderated after publishing. This option also allows your participants to edit and delete their comments.

7. Enter a thank you message for the participants in the Thank You Message box.
8. You can limit the length of the participant's comment by adjusting the number of characters allowed. First select the checkbox option to "Limit submission length to 255 characters" and then edit the default count from 255 to either increase or decrease the number as you require.

9. You can allow the participants to make comments without registration by selecting the “Allow unverified participation” option.

10. By default email is sent to the participant to acknowledge the comment and an email is sent to the administrators for moderation. Uncheck these boxes if email notification are NOT required.
11. Click Save to save your changes and then close the tool.
12. Click Publish to allow participants to start using the Guestbook.

14. Once published, options to Unpublish or Archive are available.

Once your consultation has concluded you can choose to Archive the Guestbook.
This will ensure that participants can view the comments submitted, but can no longer make submissions.
Unpublishing the tool will move the Guestbook back to draft state. A draft tool is not visible to users. 

What's Next?
Know how your participant's view the guestbook tool and how they can add comments to it by reading our article on Adding a Guestbook comment.

You can also have a look at an example of a busy guestbook tool here.

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