We are often asked how you can share a draft project with a peer or a superior for review, before publishing. This is when you are not yet ready to publish the project and you don't want to hassle them with having to create a login.

We would advice that you create a project administrator user and provide those credentials for the person to login and view the project.
First, add the person as a project administrator, if you unaware of how to do this, read our article on Setting up your engagement team.
Next, assign the draft project to this admin, again if you are unaware of how to do this, read our article on Assigning projects to project admins.

And that's it! Your new project admin can now login to EHQ, select the required project and click Preview to get a feel of what the project looks like.

Also, have a read of our article Access levels for EHQ administrators to understand what permissions you are providing to the new user of your site. Once the review is complete you can remove the administrator access. Go to Team and click on the edit pen as shown below. 

Update the project access and ensure you save the changes.

NOTE: You don't necessarily need to provide admin accounts to everyone. Instead ask your stakeholders to register on the site. Create a group of these participants and Publish your project as a protected one. They will now have exclusive access!

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