Note - This is an EHQ Enterprise Edition feature.
Once your Hub landing page is ready, you may want to display it on the homepage of your engagement portal. This is a great idea if you want to showcase your Hub and also helps with organising content on your site. It's important to note, only a Site Administrator will have the ability to manage the content on the homepage of your site. This means, if you are a Hub admin, you will need to communicate directly with your Site Administrator to do this for you.

Based on the theme used on your site, you will have to choose the appropriate card in which to display your hub homepage. The below steps illustrate how this is done.

  1. Select the Site Management from the left menu of EHQ and click on Homepage Manager from the drop-down menu. 

2. This displays the Homepage editor.

3. Depending on your theme, select the card list to modify. Then, click on Add to add a card. In the card settings window, Select Card Type choose Hub.

Note - The layout of the page seen above will depend on the theme chosen for your site. Read our article on The homepage editor to understand the different themes in EHQ. The option to select your hub would be similar in all themes.

4. Then option appears to select your hub in the Select Hub box.

You also have the option here to provide a Title, Description, Image, ALT text and CTA.
5. Once done Click Save.
6. Click on Preview to verify the homepage. Ensure you test that all the links work and all the text displays as expected.

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