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Primary and secondary colours
Primary and secondary colours
Understanding the effects of changing the primary and secondary colour palettes.
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Using a good color palette will determine the final look and feel of your site. Consider adding your organisation's theme/colors, which will keep the consistency and give your visitors a familiar feel across all your sites and projects.

This article explains the process of changing your site colors and how the changes affect the colors on your homepage and project pages in EHQ.

The following steps describe how to change the color settings.

  1. In Engagement HQ, click on the Site Management link on the left navigation bar and select Theme from the drop-down menu. 

The following Theme page is displayed.

2. To change the primary colours, click the Colours & Fonts. The following page section is displayed. 

In the Colors & Fonts section, you can view and edit the 3 primary colors.
NOTE: You can only change the Primary Colors and NOT the Secondary Colors, only the Client Experience team is permitted to change the secondary colors.

3. Click on the primary colour that you want to change. You can view a colour palette. Select a colour from the colour palette. You can also click on the ‘#hex’ value (#E35623 in case of the second primary colour) to customize the colour. 

4. Click the Save button to save the changes. You have successfully replaced the old primary colour with a new one.

The changes seen when you change a color also depends on the theme of your site. So based on your theme, follow one of the articles below to see the visual examples of changing a primary or secondary color.

If you are uncertain of which theme is chosen for your site have a read of our article called the homepage editor to find your theme. 

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