There are many a times that you would want to present the graphs in your EHQ externally. PDF Reports is one that can be used for such presentations.

To access your survey PDF reports, go to Reporting > Project Reports. Here please select the specific project in Projects, All Time in Date Range and click on update. You can access three different PDF reports in the Download Reports drop-down.

  • The PDF Summary Report provide a data summary for the selected projects. It denotes Visitor Summary, Participant Summary, Tools & Widget Summary and Traffic sources overview.
  • The PDF Survey Reports provides all the survey responses for each survey individually.
  • The PDF Detailed Report provides an in-depth report of all sections of the Summary report. Number of visitors to each of your widget and tool is listed along with the split of number of registered/unverified/Anonymous visitors. Detailed report of each engagement tool along with relevant graphs are listed in this report.

The graphs in the detailed report is designed to ensure all details/bars are of equal dimension. In some case we see that the options in Ranking question, checkbox question are many and can’t be listed under the legend section on the same page. They get cut off, like in the below image. This is the default setting on all EHQ sites.



To work around this, we have an option Full page graphs in PDF reports. Once enabled all the options are displayed under the legend on the same page. The graphs will look a bit elongated to suit this design. Please see below.


Irrespective of whether you have full page PDF reporting enabled or not, please know that the character limit is 249 characters for survey questions on PDF reports. Questions with characters more than this, will be cut off due to technical limitations.

To enable full page PDF reporting for your site please write to

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