When you first gain access to your EHQ platform, you have to go through a couple of steps to access your site.


In the first instance, you will come to a blank screen asking you to enter your login and password. This is referred to as your site block access. Enter your assigned site block login and password. The site block is in place so that the public cannot find your site until you are ready to launch!


From there, you will come to another login screen. This is where you access your EHQ dashboard.

Click on the Sign In link in the menu bar.

This will bring you to the login screen. If you have a site admin account but not set a password yet, click on Forgot password? and you can set your own, secure password. 

If somebody has assigned you a password already, enter the details and click on Sign In.

This will open the EHQ dashboard.

What's Next?

Next, learn how to set up your engagement team by giving access to your team members so they are also able to log into EHQ.

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