The EHQ platform offers a suite of 8 engagement tools for your consultation and communication objectives. You can choose the right tool for your consultation and be more creative in the ways you engage digitally.

The following steps describe how to enable any of these Engagement Tools on your EHQ page:

Select the Projects link in the navigation bar of EHQ. The Projects page with a list of projects is displayed.

Click on the title of the required project to view the project page. In this case, the project title is EHQ project. In the project page, click on the Add tool button.

A list of tools is displayed on a draw from the right of the screen. These tools are available in Open environment, Mixed environment and Controlled environment tabs. To view all the tools in one tab, click on the All tab. 


Click on the tool you wish to add to your project. The tool page is displayed. Enter a suitable topic title for the topic and permalink, and then click the Create button.                                                      

The tool is displayed in your project page, as shown below.

You have successfully enabled Engagement Tools on your EHQ page. After the select tool is added to your EHQ page, you can rename, manage or remove the tool using the provided options.

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