There are a range of templates for you to choose from for your new online engagement portal. These templates consist of a homepage design and unique project page layouts.

When deciding which template to choose for your project, you should ask yourself, "what functionality do I need?" and second, "which design do I prefer"?

The template you choose will guide your content creation requirements so you should think carefully about which one will work best for your project(s).

If you change your mind, the template can be changed at a later stage, however it's best practice not to take your community on a wild ride of look and feel changes too regularly.

What makes up an EHQ Template?

You can expect to find the following elements used throughout EHQ Templates;

  • Project Cards that display a collection of your projects or pages.
  • Configurations that show project lifecycle, date published and project status (open/closed)
  • Call to action excerpts and buttons
  • Widgets to aggregate information from across your site
  • Project Banners and Featured Sliders
  • Unique colour palette and navigation
  • Logo and freestyle textboxes
  • Register button

Each template uses a slightly different combination of these elements and has a unique layout. Below is a more detailed description of each template.


Whitehaven is an image centric homepage built around our unique square project card design. It is the perfect template for sites that would like to show off a collection of projects in a magazine style homepage. This homepage consists of two different card styles. Image centric cards that display the project title and configurations and an alternate card style that allows for the use of an excerpt and call-to-action button.

Whitehaven project pages differ from other themes as they don't feature project specific banner images. Instead, this theme is all about white space and images or banners that need to be uploaded into the project description or photo gallery.


Torquay is another great template from EHQ, which is packed with options for widgets and call to action functions. One of the most unique components of Torquay is your ability to incorporate a featured project slider on the homepage. This feature allows you to attach up to 6 featured projects or engagement activities and helps drive engagement with your most important consultations.

You will also notice that Torquay allows for the use of widgets right on the homepage. This lets you pull through more information to your homepage so you can show off your upcoming key dates and project timelines as well as present your key documents and FAQs. You can even include videos, images and other embeddable content in the homepage using the unique freestyle widget.

Torquay is suitable for projects that require unique project banners on each project page. It is great for single project sites and also multiple consultations. If you want to present more information on your homepage and highlight special consultations, this is the theme for you.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a variation and combination of the Torquay and Whitehaven Templates. It's main distinguishing features are the incorporation of a horizontal lifecycle widget on the homepage and the ability to collect up to three project cards "above the fold".

Below the top half of the homepage you will then be able to arrange your project cards and widgets in an identical fashion to the Torquay theme.

Coral Bay is a great theme for single project sites and also for sites that require a flexible configuration of projects and pages on a single homepage.


Bondi is the latest template design from EHQ that allows for flexible categorisation of projects and pages within unique card lists.

Made up of three card list sections and with the ability to automatically collect projects together based on project tags, Bondi is our most unique template yet. 

Bondi is the perfect template for grouping like projects together in a modern design.

Find out more about Bondi here.

Selecting your theme

If you would like to change your theme, please contact support to select your preferred theme. Contact

Applying your brand

Once you have selected you theme template, you can then begin applying your branding colours, logos and other assets.

To learn more about applying your branding colours, read our articles on primary and secondary colours.

For more information about utilising EngagementHQ templates, images, colours and fonts work your way through our collection on creating a good looking site.

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