You can brand your site using your organisation logos, images and fonts. The terms used in EngagementHQ are described here:

  • Logo: The logo will be displayed on your EngagementHQ newsletters and site notifications. The logo is integral to all site themes except the Classic theme.

  • Favicon: It is an icon used for a website and is displayed in the address bar of a browser accessing the site or next to the site name in a user’s list of bookmarks. Favicons are tiny, hence we recommend you use a png file with transparent background that is no larger than 20 by 20 pixels.

  • Banner: Integral to themes which have a banner display on the homepage. A banner should be a minimum 1440 pixels wide. You should set the fixed height that you would like to use for banners across your site. Read our article on the Best image sizes in EngagementHQ to ensure the image is the best fit.

  • Background Image: You can customize the look and feel for your page. The image can be 4x4 or 9x9 pixels as recommended.

Follow the below steps to change your site logo, background image, banner image, favicon and fonts.

  1. Select the Site Management link from the left navigation bar of EngagementHQ and then from the drop-down menu, click Theme.

The Theme page is displayed.

2. Click on the Images link to upload images. Under Images you can upload Logo, Background image, Banner image and a Favicon.

3. Under Colours and Fonts you can change the colour palette used on your entire site. The effects of changing the primary and secondary colors are detailed in a separate article with examples.
4. You can customize the title and content fonts to your choice of fonts. There is a variety of fonts available to you for free, unless otherwise noted. They include:

  • Arial

  • Bree (NOT a free font, you need to purchase a license to use this font)

  • DINOT (NOT a free font, you need to purchase a license to use this font)

  • Didact Gothic

  • Exo 2

  • Fira Sans

  • Helvetica

  • Lato

  • Letterone

  • Libra Baskerville

  • Lora

  • Merriweather

  • Montserrat

  • Open Sans

  • Oswald

  • Playfair Display

  • Raleway

  • Roboto

  • Roboto Condensed

  • Roboto Slab

  • Source Sans Pro

  • Titillium Web

  • Ubuntu

  • VIC (Exclusive to Victorian Government Sites)

  • Yanone Kaffeesatz

5. Once complete click Save.

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