If you have chosen a custom domain for your site, you will need to tell EHQ which domain is your primary domain. Before you apply a primary domain to your site make sure you have correctly set up your primary domain and pointed it at the EHQ servers.

If you need help with setting your domain, you can refer to the article Choosing your preferred domain.  

To apply your primary domain, you will need to follow the steps below:

Click the Site Settings link on the side menu bar. Navigate to the Primary Domains field in the General section. 

You can enter multiple domains/URLs in this field, each domain name should be on a separate line. The first domain name entered in this field will be the only one that will be made public. 

This ensures that only one URL is presented to the world, thus improving SEO and integration with Google Analytics, as well as third party apps such as Facebook. All the other domains mentioned in the list will redirect their results to the Primary Domain.

If the field is left empty, the Primary Domain will default to a secondary domain which is established when the site is set up - usually something like abc.engagementhq.com. 

This secondary domain on most occasions is superseded by a more marketable domain such as yoursayabc.com.

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