In order to build your homepage and manage how you display your projects, you will be required to use the Homepage Editor/Manager, which you can access through the Site Management> Homepage Manager navigation link on the left menu of EHQ.

Click on Homepage Manager  to edit the Homepage.

The theme chosen for your homepage can be found by clicking on the Theme circle. So in the example below, Bondi is the selected theme for the homepage.

Based on the theme selected, the layout of your homepage editor will be different. However, all the themes are made up of boxes called cards or tiles. The cards used in a layout can be used to direct a visitor to a hub landing page, a project page, a specific tool within a project, a widget within a project or to a custom link. 

Based on your selected theme use the specific help articles listed below to edit and manage your homepage.

What is the importance of the homepage ?

Showcase projects
Use the homepage to promote your projects. Ensure that the required projects are highlighted and visitors to the homepage are called to perform some action on the project. All your site themes have project cards which make it easy to select your project. Note - that you can update home page card details only for published projects which are public.

Link directly to a published tool
Have a survey you want your visitors to take ? Then make sure it is at a prominant postion on the homepage. This may be missed if you expect people to find it within a project, so provide a link on the homepage directly to the tool (survey, poll, forum, stories, ideas, etc.). Again, ensure the tool is published.

Themes with widgets
Similar to tools, you can promote your widgets directly on the homepage. Except the Whitehaven theme, all other themes have widget cards that can be used to link to any of the widgets in any of your projects, from the homepage. This could the FAQs, Key Dates, Photo, Video or any of the other available widgets.

Assign a custom link
This is handy when you wish to link to your organization or other external website from your EHQ site. This is easily done in a custom card.

Provide a direct link to your hub
The article on Assign a Hub to your site homepage provides a guide on how to link to your hub landing page from the site homepage. 

What's Next? Customise your site colours as described in the article on Primary and Secondary Colours.

If your site is on the new Appearance editor, please look into articles related to the Appearance editor.

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