Understand how a participant can add a story

Understand the participant's view and experience when using the story tool.

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This article helps administrators understand the appearance and process of using various features of the Stories tool, from the participant view. The tool settings are done by the administrator in EngagementHQ (back end), and these settings are reflected at the front end. Stories enables participants to pen their experiences as a story. 

NOTE: To understand the process of adding and using the Stories tool, click Add Story Telling Tool.

The following steps describe how to preview and access various features of the Stories tool at the front end.

  1. Select the Projects link and click on the project for which you want to view the front end of Stories. 

2. Then Click on Preview.

3. This will display the front end of the Stories tool.

Understanding the front end of the Stories Tool

This section aims to explain various features of the Stories tool available on the front end. Participants use this screen to pen in their experiences and express their opinions through comments. The below illustrations help administrators to understand how changes made in the back end are implemented in the front end.

Participants must perform the following steps in the front end screen of the Stories tool.

1. Click on the box stating Start your story by providing a title to provide the title for your story.

2. Enter your story in the space provided below the title. The standard editing toolbar is provided. Options are available to add photos, videos and links to your story.

3. To allow participants to comment on your story enable the Allow commenting on this story checkbox, else remove the tick and click Create.

Unverified Participation: When the unverified option is toggled on, the participants are asked to enter an email and username to submit their story. Please refer to the screenshot below:

You can tag another person participating in the Story by typing the @ symbol, followed by their screen name. As you type in the @ in the comment box, you will see a list of users who have commented on the story. From this list, you can select the screen name of the user you wish to tag.
The tagged user will then receive an email that says they have been tagged in a comment to the Story. They will also be able to click on the link 'View Comment' in the email, which will take them to the comment where they've been tagged.

Note: There should be at least one comment to tag a user.

Note : There is no character limit either for the story added by users or their comments on them.

4. The story is sent for moderation to the administrator and the following Thank you screen is displayed.

5.  At the back end the administrator can view the newly submitted story under the tab Manage Stories in New. If the option 'Bang the table moderated' has been selected in the settings, the tab Manage stories will not appear, as the participant's story submission will now go through our standard moderation process.

6. Administrator can choose to Accept or Reject the story by clicking the Review button as shown above. Click Save once done.

Note - An email will be sent to the participant if their story is accepted or rejected. The contents of this email can be edited in the Admin Notifications section in the settings page of the tool.

7. Once accepted the participant is informed by email and the story appears on the site.

8. You can comment on the story in the Respond to this story text box and click Submit.

9. This story can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Email via the buttons provided. You can understand how the social share pop-up works by referring to the article Social media sharing article.

10. Once the comment is posted, participants can use the Like (thumbs up) or Dislike(thumbs down) button to like or dislike comments and replies.

11. Click the Recently active option to place the recently active comments on top, followed by the less active comments. OR, Click the Posted first option to place comments that were posted at the beginning of the story, followed by other comments.

By performing the above actions, participants have successfully added a story and comments in the front end screen of the Stories tool.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email support@engagementhq.com

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