This article helps administrators understand the participants view and process of using the Forum tool, from the front end. The tool settings are done by the administrator in EHQ and these settings are reflected at the front end. Participants use the front end section to discuss topics with other community members.

NOTE: To understand the process of adding this tool in an administrator’s project page, see article Add Forum Topics.

The following steps describe how to preview and access various features of the Forum tool at the front end.

  1. Select the Projects link from the left menu of EHQ and click on your specific project from the list. 

2. This displays the project’s page. Click on Forum. 

The following Forum topics page is displayed.

3. In the Forum topics page, click the Preview  button for the required forum topic. The following front end view of the selected forum topic is displayed. This is the page that a participant can view and access.

Understanding Front End of the Forum Tool

This section aims to explain various features of the Forum tool available at the front end. Participants use this screen to express their opinions and populate it with comments for topic discussion. The below illustrations help system administrators to understand how changes made in the back end are implemented in the front end. 

Participants can perform the following steps in the Forum tool.

1. Enter an appropriate comment regarding the forum topic in the Click to comment box.

On clicking the box extends as below

2. Select the Notify me when a reply is posted checkbox to receive notifications when a reply is posted by other participants.
3.Click Submit to submit the comment and make it visible to other participants.  OR, Click Cancel to ‘not submit’ the comment. On clicking Submit, your comment is displayed as illustrated below.

4. Share the forum topic on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email as well by clicking on the respective symbol shown in the screenshot below.

5. Click on the Edit button to edit your comment. 

The following screen is displayed. Participants can edit the current comment, or enter a new one and then click Submit

6. Other participants can reply to the comment by clicking the Reply button. 

The following screen is displayed. The reply is entered in the box and submitted by clicking the Submit button.

7. The reply to the comment is displayed below the original comment. 

There is an option for the participant to Edit the reply as well.

8. Click the Like (thumbs up) or Dislike(thumbs down) button to like or dislike comments and replies.

9. Click on the Alert Moderator button to report a comment that you believe needs to be escalated to our moderation team. Alerting a moderator will not reveal your identity to the person who posted the comment and you will remain anonymous. For more information on how moderation works in EHQ, please refer to this article.

10. Click the Recently active option to place the recently active comments on top, followed by the less active comments. OR, Click the Posted first option to place comments that were posted at the beginning of the forum topic discussion first, followed by other comments. 

By performing the above actions, participants have successfully added comments and replies to the Forum tool.

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