As a part of EngagementHQ Enterprise Edition (Hubs) you can assign Hub Administrators to manage and create projects on your site. When you assign a Hub admin to a hub, they will automatically have access to all the projects within that Hub. They CANNOT be given administrator access to projects outside their own hub.

Hub Administrators can do the following:

  • Setup and manage ALL projects within Hubs they are assigned to

  • Create and publish new projects in their assigned Hubs

  • Generate reports

  • Use the Participant Relationship Manager to create stakeholder groups

  • Send email campaigns

To understand the different administrator access levels in EHQ read our article on EHQ administrators.

Adding a hub administrator is similar to adding a new project administrator. The following steps detail how to add a new hub administrator.

To do this, click on the Team link in the side navigation bar. The Team page is displayed.

Click the Add Admin button. The Add admin page is displayed. 

Complete the registration process by entering your login/screen name, email address and password (the new admin can later change the password when activating his/her account.). Select the role as Hub Administrator from the drop-down menu. 

Click the Save button. A notification email will now be sent to the administrator's email id for activation of his/her account. You can view the screen name of the Hub Administrator in the Team page, as displayed below.

You can now assign your new Hub Administrator to manage a Hub. To learn how to do this, check out our article Add a new Hub.

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