The Places tool allows you to add custom lines or points on your map. If you do not see this feature yet on your Places tool, speak to our support team for this Beta feature to be turned on.

To add a line or point to your places map, first ensure you have activated the Places tool on your project. Read through our article Engage with Places to learn how to activate and setup the Places tool.

Once you have activated the Places tool, click on Manage to be taken to your list of Places activities. Either open an existing places map or click on Add, to setup a new places activity.

Scroll to the Places Settings options. Select the Map Style from the dropdown menu and use the GIS format drop down menu to choose Custom (Draw in eHQ).

This will create a layer with the option to provide the Title for the layer and to choose a shape for the layer, which could be a polygon, line or point. An example of drawing a line is shown below:

For Point shapes drawn in the custom layer, properties can be added. This will enable admins to add data associated with that point in the properties dialog, just like how you can for Shape and KML files. This is not present for lines and polygons drawn in the custom layer. To see the Properties dialog box as shown below first create the Point shape and Save & Close and then open the layer for editing by clicking on the Settings wheel.

A "Layer Styles" black button is provided for the options to change the color of the layer, opacity and border line width or the point size (for point option).

You can add multiple polygons, lines and points in the map, each with it's own settings. Update the remaining fields for your activity, including your Pin Categories and Participation Settings as detailed in the article on Engage with Places.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance.

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