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One of our many Email Marketing Tool Integrations is Constant Contact. Read in detail how the integration works and you can configure it

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The integration from EngagementHQ into Constant Contact (CC) ensures you always have the latest list of your registered participants in Constant Contact. You can combine your EngagementHQ list with others to send your newsletters to all your mailing lists from one spot.

Note: Any issues or questions you have about the usage of Constant Contact should be directed at their support. We help with the integration but cannot help you with specific Constant Contact questions. 

The integration is essentially sync between the two systems that occurs once every day and captures ALL your participants AND administrators

You can determine the list into which to sync your EngagementHQ database, therefore making it nice and easy to maintain your EngagementHQ specific list in Constant Contact.

As the sync occurs, all your demographic information will come across. Take this example of Althea Pollard (we have made her up). If we have her as a contact in our Constant Contact account, we can see that all custom fields are filled from our signup form in EngagementHQ, as well as some other data, like the fact that she has activated her account and was not blocked in EngagementHQ when we first imported her into Constant Contact. 

In order to configure the integration, which you are only required to do once unless something in your Constant Contact account changes, please get in touch with us via chat or email us at and we will help you with the setup. 

How to configure the integration

The below instructions assume that you have purchased the integration from us. 

The integration is configured by yourself through an interface termed Saasler. When you purchase the integration, we will send you the necessary details to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the URL we have shared with you. It is the domain that contains saasler

  2. Log in with the credentials we have given you. This login is specific to the configuration screen and will not work in EngagementHQ nor in Constant Contact. 

  3. Once you have logged in, click on Integrations in the top right and you will see a screen like below. To configure Constant Contact, click on the red button next to Constant Contact. 

     4. This will prompt you to log into EngagementHQ and into Constant Contact. You are doing both to connect the two bits together. 

EngagementHQ Authentication:

Constant Contact Authentication:

Please note that we are connecting with Constant Contact via a protocol called OAuth2.0. You are not sharing your login details with us, rather you log into Constant Contact via a popup and Constant Contact sends us back an authorization token to be used to push your EngagementHQ participants into Constant Contact. This is important because it means that we will never have access to your Constant Contact password (or account for that matter) directly. 

5. Once you have authorized both sides of the integration, you will be prompted to choose a new list name. This will be the list name into which all your participants and administrators of EngagementHQ are synced.

And that's it. Now your participant database will sync with your Constant Contact contact list once a day. Please note that the very first sync will take a moment to run. You should check back into Constant Contact after about an hour or so to confirm that the integration worked. 

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