What is the process of notifying any EngagementHQ change, update or release?
How do I know of a new feature in EngagementHQ? Will I be notified of a change to EngagementHQ?
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EngagementHQ clients will be informed about any changes to the EngagementHQ application via emails, in-app Dashboard announcements and the in-app support window pop-ups.

All feature releases are categorised into the following categories:

  • UX/UI Improvement: Features that improve look and feel, usability and/or reduce friction from the platform experience.

  • Minor Update: Small negligible changes with minimal impact. Generally includes: Bug fixes, patches or quick fixes that don’t warrant a new version of that features or applications.

  • New Feature: New use case with impact. Customer education and action required.

  • Major Update: Large complex changes with substantial impact. With customer action required. Generally involves: New components that replace a previous version of a feature or application that already exists.

Every new feature regardless of category, will be reflected in our change log in the first week of every month that can be accessed via our in-platform chat function.

We will communicate all Major Updates and New Features to clients via feature release email, release notes and an in-platform “new” tag or notification.

Our website has a log of all recent and past announcements too - EngagementHQ Whats New.

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