We have often received this question on how a person already existing in the database can be made an administrator.

Simply follow the steps outlined below:

1. Select the People link from the top menu of EHQ and click on Participants from the drop-down menu.  

This displays the Participants page

2. Click on View or Edit under Actions to edit a participant’s profile. You can also directly click on a participant’s screen name. This displays the participant's profile details. 

3. Click on the shortcut link as shown above, to make this person a project administrator. Note - If you do not find this button, the user may not yet have activated their participant account. Send the user an activation email and once activated, you will see this option on the screen.

Once clicked, a confirmation dialog box is displayed as shown below.

4. Click on Yes to confirm the change. You will now see a "PA" tag next to the person's screen name as highlighted below.

5. This person will now also be listed in the Administrators section.

6.  Click on the screen name to further change the administrator privileges. The Edit Administrator page is displayed.

7. Use the Role option to change the person's privileges to Site or Hub administrator or back to Participant!

Note - Understand the privileges of different types of administrators as described in our article on Access levels for EHQ administrators.

What's next - Assign projects to your project administrator.

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