Most of your reporting needs maybe around one or more projects, however, when required, you can choose to see the report for your entire site. This would include choosing not only your projects, but also the static pages and homepage checkboxes as shown below.

Pages - Refers to the static pages on your site. These pages are not associated to any project but are a site-wide reference for eg. the page with your Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions etc. You can read more in our article on Static Pages.
Homepage - Refers to your site homepage or the landing page for your site. Again this does not belong to any project but acts as a starting page for your participants and provides links to your projects or tools as designed. You can read more in our article on the Homepage.

So selecting all these options in creating your report will give you a summary of your site visits and visitors. Please have a read of our article on the difference between visits and visitors. Also notice the different types of visitors captured in your reports by reading the article on 'Aware', 'Informed' and 'Engaged' visitors.

Do NOT try to sum up the visitors to your projects, static pages and homepage, since that is not how they are calculated. Instead, to understand these numbers let us use the analogy of a Hotel. Lets say your site is a Hotel and your projects, static pages and homepages are the rooms. You might have had 50 people come through the Hotel door to stay with you. Let's say that 30 of them stayed in the ProjectA room and then 20 people stayed in the ProjectB room. But then 10 people from the ProjectA room also went into the ProjectB room (for a party! ).
So your Hotel (the site) still only had 50 guests in total, but the ProjectA rooms had 30 guests enter and the ProjectB room also had a total of 30 guests (20 who stayed there plus 10 for the party). If you sum up every guest on a room by room basis, it looks like you had 60 guests in total, when actually just 50 entered through your front door. 

Note - You will notice that the static pages and homepage will have zero 'Informed' and 'Engaged' visitors because these pages are not part of a project.

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