The following steps describe how to customize messages that are displayed during a site registration process.

Open the message editor

Click on the Site link in the top navigation bar of EHQ. Then from the drop-down menu select Text and Emails

Click on the Messages tab. Use the dropdown menu to open the options for Messages displayed during registration process.

Edit messages

Use the editor to customise your Registration Page information. This information will appear above your registration form questions. You should use this space to call your participants to action by joining the consultation and listing the benefits of participation.

Below is an image of how this will appear to participants.

You can also edit the Welcome Page information. This message will appear after a registered participant completes their verification process by clicking on the link in their activation email. We recommend greeting your newly subscribed community member and giving them a short taste of what they can expect to take part in on your site.

These messages are a great way to personalise your registration experience.

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