When a person has "subscribed" to receive project newsletters by using the follow project widget, their email will already be verified through an activation email.
Hence when this person then tries to register on the site they will see a message as shown in red below.

When attempting to use their email id for registration, along with seeing the above error message, the participant will receive an email with subject "Complete your registration", as shown in example below

The participant will have to use this link to register on the site. Ensure to check spam/junk folder for this email prior to getting in touch with our support team for further assistance.

NOTE - In the event that the person has not verified their email at the time of first subscribing, then the email is already known to EHQ, hence the person will get the error that their "Email has already been taken". Additionally, since the email is not verified yet, they will not receive the registration email either. In such a scenario, the participant will have to search his email, inbox and spam/junk, folder for the email. If not found, our support team will have to help trigger a verification email again.

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