With a recent upgrade on EngagementHQ, a much requested feature has been added to the Survey/Forms Tool. You can now customise what appears on the button, which asks your participants, to take a survey or complete a form.
NOTE - This will not be applied to "pinned" surveys.

When you create a new survey, you will see an option for Text on Button.

You can choose to select the standard text like Take Survey or Complete Form or create your own label using Custom Text. NOTE - When using Custom Text the character limit for the text is 25 characters.

The participant view of the survey in the example above is shown below:

NOTE -  By 'pinning' a survey to the project, the only action button visible is the submit button which will simply say "Submit".

Want to modify an existing survey button?

You can make the changes by editing your survey and clicking on the Settings button. The above mentioned new options will be available for use.

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