EHQ allows administrators to copy the information stored in widgets from one project to another. This allows you to save time when setting up multiple project pages which might  require recurring information to be made available across all projects.

Which widgets can be copied from one project to another?

The copy functionality is available only for the following widgets (to which the frequent replication of information is relevant):

  1. Key Dates
  2. Photos
  3. Videos
  4. Who’s Listening
  5. Document Library
  6. Important Links
  7. FAQs
  8. Custom
  9. Lifecycle

The other widgets for which copying is not relevant and hence are not supported are: Follow Project, Facebook, Related Projects, Signup banner, News Categories and the Quick Poll tool (configurable as a widget).

Hence the copy icon, will be seen only on the widgets where this functionality is enabled as highlighted below.

How to copy a widget?

  1. Click on the copy icon alongside the widget.
  2. Select the project from which you wish to copy the contents.
  3. Choose only the content you need and then click Copy.

This is demonstrated below, the contents of the Photos widget is copied from another project.

Note: For the life-cycle widget, please be sure to delete all the default stages before copying stages from other projects. 

How do I know that the copy is complete?

When the copy is in progress the widget will indicate this with an 'in progress' yellow icon. 

When the copy is complete, the widget will indicate a 'green' tick. 

If the copy fails, it will be indicated with a red cross and nothing would be copied.

The copying process works in a 'non-blocking' manner, which means administrators can initiate copying of large volumes of information and still move around to other parts of the app while the copying continues in the background.

Where are the copied files stored?

The files which were copied are stored in the Information section of your current project.

Any further edit's can be done in the information section for photos, videos, documents, FAQs, key dates and who's listening. 

Any further display customisation can be done on the widget itself as described in the help article of each widget.

Note - That widgets copy the files completely, so if you make a change in one project library, the changes are not copied automatically to other libraries, they are independent.

Who has access to copy a widget?

Project admins and Hub admins can copy information ONLY from other projects that they have access to.

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