Budget Allocator is a participatory budgeting software.

What is participatory budgeting? 

Participatory budgeting directly involves community members in making decisions about the allocation of public money. The benefits of participatory budgeting include:

  • A Better Educated community - Participatory budgeting exposes the community to both the complexity and competitiveness of the budgeting process. It is therefore educational as well as empowering.

  • Better Prioritized Spending - The central objective of participatory budgeting is to ensure a better match between community expectations of public services and the actual expenditure on, and delivery of, those services.

  • More Community Buy-in - Exposure to the difficult process of making choices between projects and services with equal merit may help the community to buy-in to either lower service levels or, in some cases, higher taxes.

When should budgeting be participatory? 

Participatory budgeting is regularly used by governments around the world to prioritize local spending. Three ways to use participatory budgeting include:

  • Small Community Grants - Maybe you’re trying to work out which community advocated projects to fund out of your small grants program.

  • Holistic Local Government Budgets - Maybe you’re trying to work out how to get the books balanced and need to cut spending, increase your tax base, or a bit of both.

  • Special Projects Funding Choices- Maybe you’re trying to decide between a few really big ticket community infrastructure projects – a new library, a new swimming pool?  

Budget Allocator - Our tailored software

This provides a participatory budgeting software that is secure, accessible, mobile and affordable while always being a pleasure to administer and fun to use. Six features that set Budget Allocator apart: 

  • Personal Consequences - Calculate changes to personal taxation amounts to make the personal financial impacts of budget selections transparent to each individual.

  • Community Outcomes - Describe the specific impact of each budget selection on the quality and/or quantity of public facilities and services.

  • Real - Time Spend - Visual and text indicators let your community know exactly how they are tracking in achieving a balanced budget.

  • Mobile First - Mobile phone ownership is ubiquitous and mobile civic engagement is the most accessible way to maximize participation.

  • Affordable - We’ve removed cost as barrier to entry by making BudgetAllocator the most affordable participatory budgeting application around. 

  • Easy - Budget Allocator is so easy to use that you can set up your budget consultation and launch it in a matter of minutes.

Get started by logging into Budget Allocator and Setting up your first budget.

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