EngagementHQ Practice News, August 2017

Hosting better forum discussions

Identify when to use forum discussions, learn how to frame your questions and be alert to common behaviours. Improve your role as a facilitator for better results.

Is registration a barrier to participation?

We're often asked whether a registration process with EngagementHQ acts as a barrier to participation in your projects. We've done some digging and we've identified some trends you must know about.

Analyse survey results using filters

Improve your reporting and analysis of surveys by utilising survey response filtering in EngagementHQ.

A DIY guide to video

Learn how simple and easy it is to self-produce video for online engagement with EngagementHQ, using widely available tools and equipment.

5 Design tips for EHQ

Use these 5 design tips to help create an impressionable EngagementHQ site that drives engagement, builds trust and makes engaging online simple.

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