Practice Newsletter - September 2017

Using tags in EHQ

If you've been using EHQ for a while and have always wondered what all those tags are actually used for then you need to read this article. Here we outline all the places in EHQ where tags can help you manage your online engagement activities.

Agile engagement methods to keep 'em interested

Moving your online engagement beyond project-specific consultation can open up a whole new world of community insights and conversation. Get some ideas on how to engage with your audience when you think you've got nothing to engage with about.

Churn analytics to keep your database active

Using churn analytics can help you maintain an active database. Learn how to use EHQ to identify community behaviours in order to re-engage with your community.

How to make EHQ Newsletter look great

Making good looking email with EHQ doesn't need to be hard. Learn how to create a basic single column email to send to your stakeholders.

Online webinars and refresher training

Check out our upcoming online webinars and project refresher training sessions. If you've got new project admins on your team, this is the best way to get them up to speed on setting up their first projects.

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