Note - This is an EHQ Enterprise Edition feature.
Once you have setup a Hub/s in EngagementHQ, it's easy to assign projects to that Hub. Both Site Administrators and Hub Administrators are able to add new projects to a Hub allowing for decentralised management of different parts of your EHQ site.

There are two ways to add a project to a Hub. You can assign a new project to a hub a at the time of creating a new project, or, if the project has already been created then by changing the project details.

Assign a project to a Hub when creating a new project

If you have EngagementHQ Enterprise Edition enabled you will notice an extra option when creating a new project for assigning that project to a Hub. On the New Project screen you will see a field called Hubs. Simply select the Hub you would like to assign the project to from the dropdown menu.

Note: You need to create a Hub first before you can assign a project to a Hub. Read our article on Creating a new Hub for more information.

Alter the project details to add it to a Hub

The second option for assigning a project to a Hub is to alter the project details of an existing project.

Simply select the pre-existing project which you would like to assign to your Hub from your Project List.

Navigate to the details section of your selected project and under the Manage Description tab find the Hubs field as per the above instructions.

In the Hubs field, simply select the required Hub and click Update. A message is displayed at the top of the screen once the update is completed.

Your project is now assigned to your Hub, ready for you to manage and Setup your Hub Page.

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