When you first login to EngagementHQ you will arrive at the Dashboard. This screen is designed to give you a summary of your site activity, provide quick links for common actions, highlight recent EHQ product announcements and EHQ product best practices.

On the left side of the dashboard, you can filter the site view to see activity for All Time or Last 30 days or Last 7 days

To view all participant activities click the View All Activities link, this displays the Activity Page. Read the article Activity Page to understand the detailed tool activity displayed on that page.
Clicking on an individual activity will display the tool report for the chosen activity.

On the right side of the dashboard page are Quick Actions, Announcements and Best Practices.

In the Quick Actions drop down, find short cuts to common activities.

The Announcements section has the latest news of the EHQ product feature releases and the Best Practice section will display the latest product newsletters on product and engagement best practices.

Note - The dashboard graph updates once a day and the activity feed updates a couple of times a day.

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