Using video in your online consultations are a great way to explain key concepts, summarise the scope of your project or to share stories. 

To upload and manage your project videos you can store them in the Video Gallery.
To customise how these videos appear on your project page use the the Videos widget to configure what is displayed. You can also add more than one video widget in your consultation..

1. Select the Projects link from the top menu of EHQ and click on your specific project from the drop-down menu.  

2. The Manage page is displayed. Click on the Widgets link. 

 A list of active and available widgets are displayed that can be added to your page.

3. Click on the Videos widget in the available widgets list. The Video Gallery widget is displayed in the active widgets list.

4. Select the videos to be displayed by placing a tick on the video and click Save. Use the Upload Videos button to add further videos, if required.

You have successfully added the Videos widget. You can Edit, Hide Or Delete the Videos using the options provided on the right.

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