Using multiple pages breaks up a potentially long survey into smaller parts. This can prevent a participant being deterred by a long list of questions and assist with grouping sets of questions together. 

Using pages in your surveys has the added benefit of allowing your registered participants to submit an incomplete survey at a later point. Note that only the responses of the completed pages (not the current page) will be saved. Read more about this in our article on can a partially completed survey be saved to be submitted later ?

Adding a page to the survey

  1. Click on New Page to create a new page in your survey.

2. Drag and drop the questions to be placed on the new page.

3. The option to delete a page is available alongside the page number. You can only delete the page when it is empty.

Adding a section to the survey

You can add this element at the top of the page, at the bottom of the page or between the survey forms to describe a section.

1. Click on Section Header to create a new section in your survey.

2. Provide a Title and Description for your section and click Add.

NOTE - To add a clickable image to your section header, read our article on inserting HTML code in the description box.

3. The picture below illustrates how the title of the section, the description and the question below is displayed on the front end.

Read our article on Adding images to surveys to learn how to add pictures to your survey.

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