In EHQ, you can create conditional questions that only show when a certain condition has been met. This is also known as the 'skip logic' in a survey.

One of the most common uses of conditional questions, not just in EHQ but in any online survey, is surely the question that asks the survey-taker to specify 'other'.

For example, a question you might ask is: What is your preferred Australian sport?

  • Australian Rules
  • Cricket
  • Surfing
  • Other 

Now you can set a question that only appears if a visitor selects 'Other'. To do this,
first create the question "What is your preferred Australian sport?

This is the parent question.
Now create the conditional question, which will capture more information if the participant selected the 'other' option. To do this, create a question "Please specify 'Other'"  and simply tick the box in the question that says 'Add condition', select the parent question and the option on when it is to be displayed, as illustrated below.

Once added this conditional question appears below the parent question in your list of questions for the survey.

Illustrated below is a view of how a participant would see these questions on the front end.

You can set as many conditional questions as you like and you can even set conditional questions based on other conditional questions. 

With any survey you set up in EHQ, make sure that you test the logic of the survey, ensuring that questions appear in the right order, as desired. 

NOTE - Conditional questions can only be applied to option based questions, like radio button, dropdown and checkbox type questions. So, only these questions will appear while creating a condition.

TIP : Please refer to this article about the reporting impacts of changing your survey/form after it is published.

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